About Sammy

I began my fly fishing journey at the age of 8 and now that I am 21 I continue to grow and develop in my knowledge of the sport as I have over the years. I am very passionate about the outdoors and love to spend time in God’s creation. Logged in my fishing journals is every one of the more than 2800 fish, which I have been able to land on my fly rods. Over the years, my father and I have been priviledged to fly fish together in 14 states and 10 countries tracking down and landing 64 different species and subspecies of fish in coldwater, warmwater, and saltwater. Having taught people of all ages, from 8 to 86, with success, sharing the wonderful experience of fly fishing has been one of my favorite things. When I am not out on the river or at the fly tying vise I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing with my family’s German Shorthaired Pointer, Joy, pheasant hunting, doing outdoor videography, and hiking the numerous and beautiful Colorado trails. 

“A fish is a glimpse of God’s extravagance;

the only one enjoying that fish before you was God.”