Guided Fly Fishing Trips — Trip Expectations/What to Bring

 What to bring (suggestions):

  • Basic clothing to suit the season.
  • A lightweight, preferably waterproof, jacket or shell.
  • Lighter, preferably breathable, pants or shorts. Jeans are not recommended, especially if wearing waders or it you happen to get wet.
  • Closed toed shoes are suggested. You may wear sandals but be prepared to walk through light brush at times.
  • Polarized sunglasses are very important for eye protections and removing much of the glare form the water so you can spot the fish more easily.
  • A Hat or cap are very helpful to provide some shade for you head.
  • Sunscreen is very important in Colorado especially since we will be at higher altitudes.
  • Insect repellent is not required but is recommended.
  • Any additional personal care itmes you may need.
  • Camera to record your trip. The guide will have a digital camera for basic pictures. If you would like a video to be created or video footage form your trip please let us now and we can provide ths service for an additional cost. 

Trip Expectations:

  • Sammy’s Fly Shop ultimately seeks to understand and exceed your expectations for your outing.
  • Sammy’s Fly Shop requests all clients to practice catch and release fishing, practicing conservation in these Colorado waters.
  • For beginners — Your trip will begin with a brief lesson in casting so as to make the actual fishing easier. By the end of your trip you will hopefully have a better knowledge of fly fishing and have caught some trout.
  • For more experienced anglers — Your outing will likely consist of instruction in helping to refine techniques based upon your previous skill level as well as answer any questions to help you excel in your fly fishing abilities.